Buying a microwave

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Choosing the right microwave can often be difficult, especially when you consider the various options available. And to give you a helping hand, we’ve outlined three main considerations for selecting a microwave.
There are three main types of microwaves which are common place throughout the United Kingdom, and these are:
Solo (Basic):
Solo microwaves aren’t only the most common form of microwave, but they’re also the most basic due to only using microwave energy to heat and cook food.
A solo microwave is excellent for people that are happy to use their traditional oven / grill for the majority of the family cooking, but occasionally are looking for a speedier alternative. Having said that, it’s worth noting because of only using microwave energy, solo microwaves aren’t able to”brown” food, whereas other versions, such as grill microwaves can.
A grill microwave performs all the responsibilities you would expect from a microwave and comes with an extra advantage of incorporating a grill function which enables you to brown and crisp food.
The grill element enables users to combine microwave energy and heat from the grill to get a more complete cooking experience.
Combination microwaves are continuing to increase in popularity, due to coming with everything you would expect from a microwave combined with added functions such as pre-set programmes that automatically cook certain dishes for the ideal amount of time and about the right temperature without you having to set it.
The power of your microwave will be measured in watts, and will fall somewhere between 600w and 1100w, and the higher the wattage of a microwave, the quicker your meals will be cooked.
It is worth noting that the typical wattage for a solo microwave is 800w, whilst on a grill and combination microwave, the power levels will differ for the grill and oven parts.
The capacity of microwaves ranges from 14 litres through to 40 litres, with most solo versions having a capacity somewhere in the middle, around 20 litres. Whilst the larger capacity may sound the ideal version to go for, it’s worth remembering many contemporary microwaves are currently using space saving techniques.
Taking these three factors into consideration when it comes to buying a new microwave for your kitchen, will help to ensure you’ve got an appliance which meets your needs and requirements, fits into your kitchen and will enhance your Squirrel Poop – whenever it is called into action.